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 Should be working on my history paper, instead reading ONTD and listening to Gaga.  

Uggg.  As if I hadn't already procrastinated enough.  Writing is not one of my talents.  And clearly I have no disciple or focus.

Cool, ain't it?

"The new installation currently in progress by Jason deCaires Taylor, installed in The national marine park of Cancun/ Isla Mujeres, Mexico. 250 of the 400 life size Statues casted from local members of the community to form an artificial reef."


Writer's Block: Fly me to the moon

Do you think space exploration is important? Is it worth the billions our governments spend?

Anyone who knows me....

I think we need to put more money into space exploration.  Goddamn.  I want to go to Titan already.  And Mars.  I want to know what's in interstellar space.  I want to see a spacecraft reach another star.  I want to know what's behind dark energy and dark matter.  I have sooo many questions.   It's incredible stuff, it really is.  And it's far more important than so much of the stuff we do waste money on.   

Could you imagine someday down the line our ancestors living on Gliese 581g?Wouldn't that be such an incredible feat? 

Merlin's back

How horribly nerdy is it that I want to get The Sims Medieval so I can make Merlin characters and play with them?

God I love Merlin.  Even with all it's plot holes and oblivious characters.   If only the writers could stop using that reset button.  

Writer's Block: It's allergies ... really!

What was the last thing that made you cry?

The Doctor Who season finale.  Nowadays I tear up more at stories then anything in my personal life.  Can you imagine not only losing someone, but never remembering them?  Just a huge chunk of your life would be missing.  If it helps, it was definitely a good cry.  I love happy endings. 

When bad things happen in the real world, I don't cry I just mourn.  I get silent and really sad and think a lot, but I don't cry.


So You Like Star Trek. You Like The Internet. Have you ever wanted a great way to combine the two and get to know people who also enjoy Star Trek and The Internet in the process? Well Have I Got the Solution for YOU.

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Have a Thrill, Be a Trill.