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sensualcoco's Journal

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  • sensualcoco@livejournal.com
Honestly, I will rarely post in my journal. Maybe you'll catch some fanart here and there. I use LJ to join communities and fangirl stuff.

In it for the lolz. I ship just about everything.

I come with a Drama-free guarantee.

My grammar and spelling is atrocious and I shouldn't be allowed to write.

adventure time, alice, anastasia, art, ashes to ashes, astronomy, attack on titan, avatar: the last airbender, batgirl, batman, camelot, cartoons, catch-22, comics, crack, david bowie, dcau, death note, discovery channel, disney, doctor who, emilie autumn, eureka, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, femmslash, firefly, flight of the conchords, friendly hostility, fullmetal alchemist, gallavich, game of thrones, guitar, gunnerkrigg court, harley quinn, hinabn, hunchback of notre dame, iasip, inception, indiana jones, jon stewart, lady gaga, legend of korra, legend of the seeker, life on mars, lilo and stitch, lily allen, lok, lord of the rings, lost girl, lotr, lpfos, lupe fiasco, mars volta, mash, merlin, metalocalypse, meteorite men, ministry of silly walks, misfits, monk, monty python, mulan, music, naked people, ncis, nikola tesla, oitnb, once upon a time, opeth, orphan black, ouat, painting, pirates of the caribbean, portal, pretty little liars, princess and the frog, project runway, psych, road to el dorado, sailor moon, samurai champloo, sci-fi, science, science channel, scooby-doo, shameless, shameless us, sherlock, sherlock holmes, skyrim, slash, sonata arctica, south park, space tuesdays, spinal tap, star trek, star trek: enterprise, star wars, steam punk, stephen colbert, syfy's alice, tangled, tbbt, teen titans, teen wolf, the big bang theory, the boondocks, the colbert report, the daily show, the dreamer, the horrorpops, the last airbender, the princess bride, tin man, veronica mars, warehouse 13, webcomics, white collar